Morning Worship Service

Sunday, 11:00 A.M.
Fairview Elementary School
5815 Ox Road
(at the corner of Burke Center Parkway and Ox Road)
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 7520
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

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About Our Church
Our Mission/Vision

To know Christ we are committed to:

• Teach fundamental doctrines of Christ
• Teach our members to hear God's voice
• Teach our members to seek and desire the
presence of Christ
• Disciple our members to obey Christ
• Build strong families
• Teach all members to rely on God
• Encourage passionate devotion to God

To make Christ known we are commited to:

• Equip our members for personal evangelism
• Build a spirit of Christian family/community
• Encourage sacrificial service to the glory of God
• Foster spiritual transformation
• Identify and employ gifts and talents for the
glory of God
• Encourage our members to be over comers
• Teach, support, and send Christian workers
• Encourage our members to influence positive change